We’re popping champagne bottles at The Loaf this month as we celebrate our breads landing on the shelves at Erewhon Natural Foods stores across Southern California in Los Angeles, Venice, Calabasas and Santa Monica. 

Erewhon is know as THE place for Angelenos to find just about any Organic product you can think of. They have an incredible market of fresh foods, delicious fruit, coffee and tonic bar, and quite possibly the most friendly staff on the floor. And now we’re able to make Erewhon the only destination to find Certified Organic and Paleo bread at a store outside of Utah. 

The Loaf Paleo Bread at Erewhon

Tell all of your friends in LA and be sure to stop by and grab a loaf of our Sandwich Bread, Irish Soda Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread. We would love your support to help us sell out of there THIS month. Ask the staff where you can find “The Loaf.” We’ll be in the freezer section and perhaps in the fresh baked goods section, depending on the location. 

We are walking around with a bit more of a spring in our step…“have we arrived?!” “they like us! They really like us?!” 

Thank you for your support ordering online and stopping by our Farmer’s Markets. You’ve made this possible for us to continue to grow and provide more Grain Free Goodness to more people who need it! 

If you’re in LA, go check it out and enjoy the convenience of being able to pick up some #grainfreegoodness in your neighborhood store and maybe you'll see Johnny demo-ing that day!

Check out Johnny Demo-ing at Erewhon this month!

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