Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for at The Loaf. Where to begin? Well, I suppose a great place to start would be our Kickstarter backers. Their support gave us the jumpstart we need, and it demonstrated to us that there is a desire for our products to be in the marketplace!

We are also extraordinarily grateful for our paleo and gluten-free bakery in Salt Lake City, UT! It is a great location to be starting our production and distribution. And soon, we will be grateful for snow to ski on!

Inside The Loaf Paleo Bakery
Front door of The Loaf Paleo Bakery

The Loaf packaged paleo bread and cookies

Truly, Utah has proven to be a great place for us to headquarter The Loaf. We have found tremendous support among other food entrepreneurs, we are meeting enthusiastic customers, and the state entities that regulate and serve small businesses have been a complete surprise to us in their professionalism and wealth of support and information.

We have been certified as a “Utah’s Own” company, which has opened doors for us into the community and into retail businesses. The folks who run this great program are so supportive! And, for them we are incredibly grateful.

We are grateful for the grocery stores that have taken a chance on us and are carrying our products. And even more grateful for their customers who are buying our products! We hope to never lose that sense of gratitude for every single sale. We are making things that people are not only buying, but enjoying! Again and agin. Wow - it's really a thrill!

We are currently selling at Fairweather Natural Foods in Park City and Liberty Heights Fresh in SLC. The Market in Park City will be carrying our products as well beginning in December. And, our e-commerce store is open for business and we are shipping nation-wide within 24 hours of each order placed. Orders can be place through our online store, facebook page, instagram, or Etsy store.

We are also grateful to have a few more major accounts in the works, as well as a certification that we are SO close to being awarded. We can’t wait to have the organic seal on our labels!

Last, but not least, are the countless volunteers who have helped us in incredible ways, from helping to renovate the bakery, to assisting with production, to promoting us through social media, to consulting on legal and financial matters, to running our booth at festivals, and much, much more. You all know who you are and we are so grateful for you!

We have so much more to tell you about, and we will tell you as plans develop, stores pick up our products, certifications are issued, and all of the other major benchmarks are cleared. We are so excited for what is ahead for The Loaf and invite you to continue with us on our journey.

In our gratitude, please use this coupon code link for The Loaf paleo bread and cookies for your home and as gifts for the holidays: PALEOHOLIDAYS .

A discount of 25% will be applied at checkout.

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Johanna @ The Loaf

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