Paleo Stuffing?! A Paleo Holiday Dish

Paleo Stuffing?! A Paleo Holiday Dish

One of our customers, Celeste, ordered some of our Paleo Sandwich Bread (Almond Bread) for Thanksgiving to use for a grain-free stuffing recipe.

She sent us this message after the holiday:

It was delicious! We used the loaf to make stuffing. We will definitely be ordering more.

My daughter can't have grains so we used your almond flour bread to substitute for the bread in the recipe. It was so good our guests didn't know it was grain free.

So, we asked Celeste to share the recipe so that we can spread the joy with our grain-free friends.

Here is the recipe she used:

Note: The recipe calls for butter. We recommended opting for organic grass-fed butter. And, if you're avoiding butter, we suggest replacing it with organic avocado oil or organic refined coconut oil.

Happy Holidays! And, let us know how your paleo suffing turns out this Christmas!

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