About Our Packaging

We go beyond the minimum requirements of avoiding ingredients like grains and dairy, and even beyond our high standards of quality and flavor, by also delivering high quality, organic, and safely packaged products.

Our packaging is not only attractive, it’s designed to serve your health: we consult with a scientist out of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Anthony Jay, author of Estrogeneration, and President & CEO of AJ Consulting Company, with the goal of avoiding any chemical contamination of our products by toxic plastic packaging, especially those chemicals that act like estrogen when consumed. 

When plastics come into contact with food, toxic chemicals can leach into the food. Then, when consumed, the chemicals act like estrogen in our bodies.  These are referred to as estrogenics.

Avoiding Estrogenic Contamination

So, when plastic is necessary for freshness (and non-toxic plastic is not available in the form we need), we first wrap the bread (and cookies), in natural parchment paper to prevent any plastic contact with the food, which prevents any leaching of chemicals.

Artisanal Bread and Packaging

This has all worked out to give our packaging the “Old World Artisanal Bread” look, which turns out to be a great aesthetic!