About Us

Grain-free Bread and Cookies that taste good, too!

The Loaf LLC is an all-paleo, certified organic, gluten-free baked goods company that is committed to great quality and taste just as much as avoiding grains, dairy, and all other non-paleo food groups.

All products are made in a gluten-free and certified organic facility, which doesn't process any foods made with gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, wheat, or grains.

The Founder

Johanna Dasteel, Founder of The Loaf | Organic & Paleo Bread Company

The Loaf LLC founder, Johanna Dasteel, eliminated gluten and dairy from her diet in 2000, but it wasn't until 2010 when her doctors advised a drastic reduction of her sugar intake by eliminating grains entirely that she found real and dramatic relief from migraines, chronic fatigue, weight gain, hypoglycemia, acne, and inflammation. 

Throughout this dietary journey, Johanna found that regularly baking and keeping paleo bread and cookies in her home is key to sticking to the diet. However, she longed for the convenience of just picking them up at the store.

The Loaf was born out of Johanna's dissatisfaction with the availability and quality of the products on the market, and out of her discovery that she wasn't alone in her search!

Johanna is motivated by being in solidarity with the customers she serves and is thrilled to dive deeper into the paleo community with The Loaf. 

*Local Affiliations

Utah's Own: https://www.utahsown.org/profile/theloaf