Bread and Cookies for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bread and Cookies for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Families 

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The first and only Certified Organic Paleo bakery in the nation.

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Gluten-free, casein-free, glyphosate-free, free of refined and artificial sugars, grain-free, dairy free, and soy-free!

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End the struggle over food with your kids: feed them bread and cookies they will love, and you'll love them because they're good for them, too!


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Many parents of children on the autism spectrum are turning to a gluten-free, casein-free, grain-free, low carbohydrate, low sugar, organic diet to control or even eliminate their symptoms. As, year by year, the epidemic affects more lives, doctors are conceding that parents might have a point. And, research is pointing to gluten, casein, and glyphosate as culprits, or at least major contributing factors. 
The avoidance of gluten and casein, and chemicals such as glyphosate are  common threads in popular autism diets such as GFCF (Gluten-Free Casein-Free) and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).
The GFCF organic diet is being adopted by many parents of autistic children because they have discovered that most of these children have other underlying conditions, namely leaky gut and gut dysbiosis.
The leaky gut allows undigested food and toxins to enter the blood stream, causing autoimmune responses and inflammation. Those responses can affect brain function and, consequently, cognition and behavior.
What is causing the leaky gut? Gluten and glyphosate actually cause leaks when they trigger the production of zonulin, which opens the gut lining’s tight junctions. Also, glyphosate is an anti-bacterial agent which leads to gut dysbiosis. 
How likely is it that your child is being exposed to glyphosate? Well, very likely - every child who eats conventional food - rather than certified organic - is exposed to glyphosate because it is used as an herbicide (especially in heavy concentrations on GMO crops) and to dry up grains for an earlier harvest. Glyphosate is used in such enormous amounts worldwide that it has made its way into our water supply. So it can’t be totally avoided, but exposure to glyphosate can be hugely reduced by eating organic foods whenever possible.
And, children with autism tend to have a greater sensitivity to casein, the protein in dairy products.

So, here is the BIG CHALLENGE: As many parents of kids on the Spectrum can attest, their kids are totally unmovable when it comes to the foods they eat, which are typically very starchy (pasta, bread, potatoes, crackers), which means they are likely consuming loads of grains, gluten, dairy, carbohydrates and sugar. 
And, if those starchy foods aren't organic, they're also consuming loads of glyphosate.
The preference for starchy foods isn't arbitrary - part of their unhealthy gut biome is an overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast, which live off the sugars in those starchy foods. Those same bacteria and yeast can influence the brain to induce desperate cravings to keep them well-fed and, worse, grow their colonies. So, it’s actually the bad bacteria and yeast in the digestive systems of your children demanding those foods, not your kids! 
This is helpful to keep in mind when dealing with the byproduct of their digestion of those starchy foods: gas, which is very painful. That pain and bloating can contribute to the acting-out behaviors, especially in ASD kids who have loss of language and can’t communicate their pain. 
Weight gain and chronic diarrhea are also experienced by kids with ASD experiencing gut problems.
Gluten, grains, carbohydrates, sugar, casein, and glyphosate are in all of the foods your kids love: toast, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, macaroni and cheese, cereal, cookies, etc.
Thankfully, there are companies - ours being one of them - that are making foods that nourish, rather than harm. The Loaf is offering  familiar foods that are at the top of the list of your kids’ starchy cravings - bread and cookies - and assisting you in pulling a bit of a healthy bait-and-switch. To bridge the gap between the willfulness of kids on the Spectrum when it comes to the food they eat and the desire of parents to rehabilitate their gut biomes and recover their health, The Loaf is offering bread that your children will actually eat, but that is also free from all grains, gluten, casein and the ingredients haven’t been grown using glyphosate.
Because I couldn’t find both a Paleo and Certified Organic bakery on the market, I started my own. I believe you and your loved ones should still be able to enjoy delicious breads and cookies while taking care of your health. Treat yourself - you deserve it!


- Johanna, Owner of The Loaf

The Loaf is the first and only certified organic and paleo bakery in the U.S., so you can shop with confidence knowing we use the best ingredients that actually nourish your children.
  • Stress - learning how to bake grain-free and dairy-free has a steep learning curve. No need to stress! We bake great-tasting food that works in cooperation with your body.
  • Environmental toxins - We work with Dr. Anthony Jay of the Mayo Clinic on keeping toxins found in plastic from leaching into our products. This is why you won't find any plastic actually touching them!
  • Unbalanced gut flora - Our breads are low in sugar and other carbohydrates that threaten the health of your gut. Leaky Gut, SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), and Candida are no joke! And, avoiding food that are prone to building up the bad bacteria and yeast is fundamental to avoiding these illnesses. The Paleo diet is so low in bacteria, yeast, sugar, and other carbohydrates that the diet is frequently recommended to manage health issues.
  • Organic food - 100% of our products are Certified Organic by UDAF. This means that none of our ingredients are grown using synthetic pesticides and herbicides, or fed antibiotics and hormones; and, ALL of them are non-GMO.

And, a bonus that you won't find with other Paleo bread and cookies! Organic food is far more nutrient-dense than conventional alternatives. So, while the price tag may be more than you're used to, you're always receiving more "bang for your buck" when buying organic; the value is much greater.

 What are you waiting for, give The Loaf Bread and Cookies a try!