Grain-free Organic Bread & Cookies that Don't Compromise your Preconception Detox

 Bread and Cookies that Comply with Fertility Diets 

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The first and only Certified Organic Paleo bakery in the nation, shipped to your door in two days.

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Gluten-free, casein-free, glyphosate-free, free of refined and artificial sugars, grain-free, dairy free, & soy-free!

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You're already making a lot of changes to help with fertility. Stop compromising taste and have the desserts you love!


So many couples are struggling with infertility these days.

In response, more and more OB/GYN's are suggesting diet changes to increase the chances of getting pregnant like cutting grains, refined sugars and eating organic. That normally means cutting bread and desserts! But with The Loaf, you don't have to. 

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Many women (and even men!) are turning to a grain-free, low sugar, low carbohydrate, gluten-free, and organic diet as they detox and balance their gut bacteria to help treat their infertility. But why?

Because of the overuse of antibiotics (including the herbicide glyphosate in growing non-organic crops), the chronic use of medications such as hormonal contraceptives, and the retreat from a bacteria-filled rural life into the convenience of sanitized urban settings, recent generations have greatly reduced the variety and quantity of their gut flora, and upset it’s balance.   

When it becomes unbalanced, or when directly affected by glyphosate or gluten, the gut lining can become leaky, letting toxins produced by the pathogenic bacteria (as well as environmental toxins) and particles of undigested food enter the blood stream.

Once in the blood stream:

  • Wherever toxins land, they do harm. Since our hormones work as a group, if one gland is harmed by a toxin, our whole hormone balance can be upset, which can affect our fertility.
  • The undigested food is met by a fierce attack from the immune system, creating symptoms of food allergies, intolerances (which always affect the thyroid and adrenals), and other auto-immunities. 
How likely is it that you are being exposed to glyphosate? Well, very likely - every person who eats conventional food - rather than certified organic - is exposed to glyphosate because it is used as an herbicide (especially in heavy concentrations on GMO crops) and to dry up grains for an earlier harvest. Glyphosate is used in such enormous amounts worldwide that it has made its way into our water supply. So it can’t be totally avoided, but exposure to glyphosate can be hugely reduced by eating organic foods whenever possible.
Finally, why are these women following a grain-free, low sugar, low carbohydrate diet as they focus on having healthy fertility? Because bad bacteria and yeast feed on the types of foods they are avoiding. Essentially, they are creating a hostile environment for the bad bacteria and a hospitable environment for the good bacteria. The Paleo diet is so low in bacteria, yeast, sugar, and other carbohydrates that the diet is frequently recommended to women seeking healthy fertility.

Thankfully, there are companies - ours being one of them - that are making foods that nourish, rather than harm. The Loaf offers bread that is free from all grains, gluten, dairy, soy, artificial and refined sugars, legumes, and the ingredients haven’t been grown using glyphosate.
Because I couldn’t find both a Paleo and Certified Organic bakery on the market, I started my own. I believe you and your loved ones should still be able to enjoy delicious breads and cookies while taking care of your health. Treat yourself - you deserve it!


- Johanna, Owner of The Loaf

The Loaf is the first and only certified organic and paleo bakery in the U.S., so you can shop with confidence knowing we use the best ingredients that actually nourish you.
  • Stress - learning how to bake grain-free and dairy-free has a steep learning curve. No need to stress! We bake great-tasting food that works in cooperation with your body.
  • Environmental toxins - We work with Dr. Anthony Jay of the Mayo Clinic on keeping toxins found in plastic from leaching into our products. This is why you won't find any plastic actually touching them!
  • Unbalanced gut flora - Our breads are low in sugar and other carbohydrates that threaten the health of your gut. Leaky Gut, SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), and Candida are no joke! And, avoiding food that are prone to building up the bad bacteria and yeast is fundamental to reducing inflammation. The Paleo diet is so low in bacteria, yeast, sugar, and other carbohydrates that the diet is frequently recommended to reduce inflammation to help heal infertility.
  • Organic food - 100% of our products are Certified Organic by UDAF. This means that none of our ingredients are grown using synthetic pesticides and herbicides, or fed antibiotics and hormones; and, ALL of them are non-GMO.

And, a bonus that you won't find with other Paleo bread and cookies! Organic Paleo food is far more nutrient-dense than conventional alternatives. So, while the price tag may be more than you're used to, you're always receiving more "bang for your buck" when buying organic; the value is much greater.

 What are you waiting for, give The Loaf Bread and Cookies a try!